Harry Potter? Justin Bieber? Oh, wait, it was MacKenzie Bourg who appeared on ‘The Voice’ tonight (Sept. 11) and covered Foster the People’s Pumped Up Kicks, grabbing Cee Lo’s attention in the process.

The other three judges weren’t too impressed by the bespectacled 19-year-old’s performance. Christina Aguilera said that while he chose a fun song for his audition, he “didn’t go to that place” with her. But Cee Lo clearly picked up on something really special. And maybe that had to do with the fact that Bourg has been through quite a lot for a guy his age.

He was faced with a major health scare just shy of two years ago, when he contracted a rare illness – viral myocarditis – which triggered a corresponding heart failure. Prior to being placed in a medically-induced coma (complete with a ventilator and a feeding tube), he made the following promise to his father: to wake up by the Superbowl. True to his word, he woke up the day before Superbowl Sunday and got his first glimpse of ‘The Voice.’ After that, his new dream was to sing on the show.

Tonight, he proved that dreams come true after all. With a cute and bashful personality and a quirkiness that apparently bears a likeliness to current pop sensations, it’s possible that Bourg will land the role as this season’s teen heartthrob.