During an interview Tuesday with Matt Lauer, NBC's "Today" show co-host, Charlie Sheen said he tested positive for the virus that causes AIDS. Sheen decided to come forward to put an end to rumors and extortion.

Sheen said he was diagnosed four years ago and claimed he had told every partner since being diagnosed that he was HIV-positive.

With a public figure, such as Mr. Sheen, revealing his HIV-status, it seemed like an appropriate time to have a conversation with Matt Kelley, Director of the City-County Health Department to remind us all of basic prevention techniques and to dispel a few enduring myths about HIV.

Prevention Techniques

  • Wear a condom
  • Don't share needles
  • Avoid multiple partners
  • Minimize exposure to others bodily fluids
  • Have yourself and your partner tested for HIV (see locations below)

Enduring Myths

  • HIV is not AIDS (HIV can lead to AIDS)
  • HIV is not transmitted via a handshake
  • HIV is not transmitted via a a hug or kiss
  • HIV is not transmitted via sharing a toilet seat
  • HIV is an 'others' disease

Testing Locations at Low/No Cost

And lastly, Kelley reminded us all that when a person tests positive for HIV their life has just changed forever and they will need all the support they can get. A person can live a productive life and while there have been major advances in treatment there is no cure.

For more information visit Healthy Gallatin.