By now, Coldplay fans worldwide are probably set to watch the band on television, online, and on apps during their 'Live 2012' tour film, brought to us by Epix. The premiere of the original concert event will air on Nov. 17 and will be made available for purchase on Nov. 20, and with this clip of the band performing 'Hurts Like Heaven,' it looks as thought everyone prepping for the final viewing will be in for a helluva night.

Lights upon lights upon lights fill the audience and stage at Paris’s Stade de France, Montreal’s Bell Centre and Glastonbury Festival (we're not sure where exactly the band is in this clip), but Coldplay adds fireworks to their already amazing opening, and energetic lead singer Chris Martin doesn't disappoint in the enthusiasm department.

Perhaps most fun is watching the reactions from the crowd and seeing the numerous lighting effects the band chose to display on their 'Mylo Xyloto' tour. From fluorescent words scrolling across the screen to handheld lights and electric wheels, this concert proves to be one for the books.

Said Chris Martin about the tour:

The Mylo Xyloto tour has been the most fun we’ve ever had as a band. It’s felt very uplifting right from the start; partly because we are proud of the music, the LED wristbands, the pyrotechnics, the lasers and all of that stuff, but mainly because of the amazing audiences that we’ve been playing for. Over the years, our crowd has become more and more a part of the concert itself. They’re loud, diverse, full of soul, and make the songs sound much better than we can on our own. We wanted to try to bottle the incredible feeling that they give us, and hence our concert film.”

Be sure to prep yourselves for quite the ride on Nov. 17!