If there’s one group of people ripe for pranking, it’s diehard ‘Hunger Games‘ fans. No one understands this better than comedian Justin Tyler as he trolls rabid fans lined up for the movie’s midnight premiere with questions that have intentionally wrong answers. Hilarity (and more than a little superfan frustration) ensues.

Tyler entices each of the fans with the promise of money should they answer correctly, but, needless to say, he doesn’t give out a single cent. In fact, he insists that his incorrect answers are right, gets the name of the movie wrong and even argues that one women read the books in the wrong order.

“Do you want to see me cry right now?,” asks one exasperated fan. Tyler doesn’t respond, but we’re willing to bet his answer would have been “yes.”

What do you think? Is the prank cruel? Or did the fanboys and fangirls get what they deserved?