What is your definition of cozy? To me, if something is cozy, it's not only comfortable but also relaxing and familiar. I'm always excited when I experience something I find cozy, and I really enjoy experiencing cozy things with other people who are also feeling relaxed. Montana has two small towns that have been ranked as some of the coziest small towns in the country on MyDatingAdviser.com. What are they?

The Coziest Montana Towns are Across the State

Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

According to the study from MyDatingAdviser.com, the coziest small towns in America are determined through 3 different variables: weather, food, and activities. There are 170 cities on the list, with the coziest one being Stockholm, Wisconsin. Montana has two small towns on that cozy list, and they're located across the state from one another.

Montana's first cozy town on the list is Colombia Falls, which ranks 22nd on the list, with an overall index score of 70. The study scores the food and weather in Colombia Falls quite well, so it sounds like the perfect place to be when the weather gets nice and cold. I personally haven't been, but I've heard wonderful things about the town and its people.

The Second Coziest Town in Montana is Big Sky

Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

Yes, the resort town of Big Sky is listed 29th on their list, and it kind of makes sense. A resort town will likely have all the awesome amenities that will make things as cozy as possible. However, it's also pretty expensive, so make sure you're prepared if you'd like to visit Big Sky.

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What is your favorite cozy town in Montana? Did you expect to see these two on that list? Let us know online. We'd love to hear from you. Stay warm out there.

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