James Franco, that actor who used to be all that, has come to the end of his reign as hunk. (Did he really think he could don a grill for that ‘Spring Breakers’ movie and still be considered hot stuff?) Fortunately, there’s another Franco looking to replace him — James’ little brother Dave.

At first glance, this guy looks like one of those d-bags we all came across in high school. And you’d be kind of right. Dave does mostly play the bully/popular-kid roles, like in ‘21 Jump Street,’ ‘Scrubs’ and ‘Fright Night.’

But on the double take, you get the sense that he actually has an adorable personality. (Let’s face, he already looks like an Abercrombie model who just walked right off a billboard.)

In his recent interview with GQ for the March Style Bible, this side of him only really comes out in one place. It’s when he’s completely shocked that the magazine is buying him a beer. Although it happens so quickly, we could hear every woman on the planet reading the article at home let out a small, “Aww!”