Formerly troubled songstress Demi Lovato sat down to talk to 'Access Hollywood' about her past and the most recent topic of discussion was her self-harm.

You may remember that we previously covered Lovato discussing how she used to sneak cocaine onto airplanes, which was a pretty shocking reveal for the 'Neon Lights' singer.

In the newest portion of the interview, Lovato explains why she used to cut and just how cutting, "[Is] more taboo to talk about than drugs and alcohol ... Just because you’re cutting, [it] doesn’t mean you’re suicidal."

She also revealed that she began cutting herself around 11 or 12, desperately hoping that it would "fix the pain," all the while hiding it in places where no one would be able to see it.

"Sometimes when you are feeling so numb, just by being depressed," the 'X Factor' judge explained. "You just want to feel."

You can check out her full interview above. We're sending all the virtual hugs your way, Demi.