Doja Cat revealed that she is "addicted" to vaping after suffering from a serious tonsil infection that forced her to cancel all upcoming concerts.

On Thursday (May 19), she warned fans that there might be bad news on the horizon after a doctor had to cut into her left tonsil since it has an abscess on it. She went on to explain that she was taking antibiotics while drinking wine and "vaping all day long." Shortly after, she developed "a nasty a-- growth" on her tonsil that they had to perform surgery on.

Doja Cat later canceled all upcoming festival appearances along with her scheduled support act on The Weeknd's upcoming The After Hours Til Dawn Stadium Tour.

Fans wanted to make sure that she wasn't continuing to vape amid her health problems. Doja confirmed that she is "too scared to hit it" since her throat hurt and ended up crying for hours because "it's not worth it." She then told her followers to "imagine all that weird poisonous s--t in the vape seeping into the completely open wound in my throat like f--k that. I'm hella young."

"Throwing them away just instills panic," she tweeted."I'm addicted but I'm not weak. I was literally staring at my vape today that normally I'd hit a thousand times a day and hit it two times instead. I'ma try to go cold turkey for now but hopefully, my brain doesn't need it at all by then."

When fans suggested that she throw the vaping products away, the "Say So" singer shared what was going through her mind.

"It's not about throwing them away, it's about not needing them. Right now I NEED THEM. I don't WANT them rn [right now] because I'm in pain. But my brain is addicted to it," she explained.

Doja Cat suggested that people don't tell those who are "actually struggling with nicotine addiction" to 'throw it away" because it sounds "condescending" and it "doesn't help anybody."

The TikTok icon concluded her tweet thread by thanking her fans for the reassurance and support.

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