This restaurant was one spot that I would constantly recommend to friends and family if they were in town. I hope this isn't the end.

Bozeman is a city where changes are consistent, whether it deals with housing, businesses, or people. This is especially true when it's regarding Downtown Bozeman. That's why I hope this isn't the case with this restaurant.

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I was walking around Downtown Bozeman today and noticed some signs in one of my favorite restaurants. The restaurant was Smoke, Fire, and Coal.

Will Gordon
Will Gordon

Smoke, Fire, and Coal was the only downtown Bozeman BBQ restaurant, and it was delicious. The brisket was always my favorite item to order on the menu, and they were one of the few restaurants that served scalloped potatoes. So when I saw these signs, I was concerned.

In the windows of Smoke, Fire, and Coal are signs for the Go 2 Guys Auction. I went to Go 2 Guys Auction's website, and they are hosting a liquidation auction for Smoke, Fire, and Coal.

Everything in Smoke, Fire, and Coal is up for bidding, including chairs, kitchen equipment, and even their gorgeous neon sign. The sheer amount of things that are for sale is mind-blowing.

Will Gordon
Will Gordon

I couldn't believe what I saw, so I tried to reach out to Smoke, Fire, and Coal to see what was happening. The phone number is disconnected, the website no longer exists, and we never heard back from their Facebook page.

We hope this isn't the end of Smoke, Fire, and Coal because many locals will be bummed out that a high-quality BBQ restaurant isn't in Bozeman. Where am I going to get scalloped potatoes now? This breaks my heart.

If they are closed, the only BBQ restaurants left in the Bozeman area are Bourbon, Yellow House, and Bar 3.

If you are in the market for new furniture or kitchen equipment, check out what Guys 2 Go Auction has up for bidding. The bids will end on Thursday, January 26th.

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