Ed Sheeran could strike gold during the 2012 Summer Olympics. The ‘Small Bump’ singer is rumored to share the stage with the Who during the closing ceremony of the games.

In a recent interview with MTV, the 21-year-old is acted coy about the possible appearance. “The closing ceremony, there were rumors I am playing the closing ceremony. Those rumors may or may not be true.”

The closing ceremony will take place on Aug. 12, and already includes an all-star line-up of One Direction, the Spice Girls and, of course, the Who. He continued to tease, “If I was to play the closing ceremony, I might be playing with quite a big rock band and I might be playing one of their most famous hits. Might be. And if I was doing that, it would feel quite fun, I think. And it would be quite a moment for me. But that’s if I was doing it.”

Although the Olympics are taking place in London, the British singer-songwriter won’t be in England for the majority of it. Still, he’s representing his country from afar. “It’s quite nice to have the Olympics on home turf,” he added. “I’m going to be away for pretty much the majority. I start an Australia tour for pretty much the whole thing. And I come back for the closing ceremony. So I’m going to have the Olympics in Australia.”

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