We first got a taste of the first 'Ender's Game' trailer last week when stars Asa Butterfield and Harrison Ford debuted seconds worth of footage, but now the full-length version has hit the web in conjunction with a Google+ hangout, giving us a real taste of Gavin Hood's adaptation of the beloved Young Adult novel.

The world depicted in the 'Ender's Game' trailer is a futuristic apocalypse on point with the current trend set by movies like 'Oblivion' and now 'After Earth.' Humanity faced an alien invasion and lived to tell the tale, but to better defend themselves for a repeat of these events, the military started an outer space "Battle School," where young teens are trained in warfare. Our hero, Ender, is sort of a master at it and proves to be more of an asset than he originally believes. And that's all we're gonna go into right here... You know, spoilers and such.

Though there has been some controversy with this film due to the anti-gay views of the original author, Orson Scott Card, 'Ender's Game' packs a punch with incredible sci-fi vistas, a stern-looking Ford, tatted-up Ben Kingsley and, yup, those are Viola Davis and Abigail Breslin in there too.

Check out the first 'Ender's Game' trailer below and, as always, give us your hopes and dreams for the adaptation in the comments.

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