Montana is referred to as 'Grizzly Bear Country' due to the state's large population of the once nearly-extinct animals. The grizzly bear recovery effort in Montana has been an overwhelming success story. A new documentary reveals how humans and grizzly bears can learn to live together in harmony.

Grizzly Bear

Montana Celebrity Narrates Documentary About Grizzly Bears in Montana

As the population of Montana continues to grow, grizzly bears are venturing into places in the state where they haven't been seen in decades. According to the Montana Film Office, a popular celebrity with ties to Montana has teamed up with Save the Yellowstone Grizzly to tell the story of how grizzly bears are adapting to population and climate change.

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Return of the Grizzly premiered in Livingston in Fall 2023. Here's a description of the documentary.

Return of the Grizzly proves that, through coexistence and tolerance, humans and grizzlies can “learn” to live together as the Native Americans have done for thousands of years. The film is narrated by one of America’s most beloved actors and storytellers, Academy Award winner Jeff Bridges. It is scored by legendary pianist Bill Payne of Little Feat.

Jeff Bridges
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Jeff Bridges or "The Dude" is one of Montana's favorite celebrity residents, and the state definitely has its fair share of Little Feat fans.

Return of the Grizzly

Where To Watch Return Of The Grizzly in Montana

Special screenings of Return of the Grizzly are scheduled through early February. Check out the Montana Film Office website for more information.

The 37-minute documentary follows the path and challenges of the “explorer bear,” the pioneering young males that come from small, isolated core populations.

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