THE NUMBERS ARE IN!!!  The ginourmous Black Eyed Peas show to benefit Minot, ND brought in 1.3 MILLION DOLLARS!!!  THANK YOU Black Eyed Peas!!!

Minot is about an hour and a half away from my family farm.   It's been difficult to watch from afar as many of my friends were forced from their homes.  A huge kuddos to Josh Duhamel - ND has always loved your support, but this is nothing short of amazing!  ~Erin

When actor Josh Duhamel’s hometown of Minot, N.D. flooded back in June, the hunky ‘Transformers’ star called upon a music group that is very close to his heart — his wife Fergie‘s dance-pop group the Black Eyed Peas. The ‘I Got a Feeling’ hitmakers performed in Minot in support of the Minot Rising campaign, and their benefit concert (in combination with other resources like merchandise sales) raised $1.3 million for the town.

The BEP concert was an overwhelming success, according to The Minot Area Recovery Fund received over more than a million bucks thanks to the Black Eyed Peas concert and accompanying events, which brought in more than 16,000 attendees on Sunday, Sept. 4.

Duhamel, who organized the event and is the honorary chairman of the Minot Area Recovery Fund, tweeted his thanks to the BEP’s. “A HUGE thank you to @iamwill, @TabBep, @apl_de & #Fergie for their incredible act of kindness for doing #MinotRising. North Dakota loves you,” Duhamel wrote on Twitter. responded to Duhamel’s kind words, saying that they were honored to be a part of Minot Rising. “@joshduhamel proud to support #MinotRising…this is what its all about…’Americans helping americans’ one neighborhood United States,” the BEP frontman tweeted, continuing, “Thank you for you passion, determination, and vision to do good, and ability to bring people together for a good cause.”

More than 11,000 people were forced out of their homes in late June 2011 in Minot, N.D. due to extreme flooding. The Missouri River overflowed, causing massive destruction and some of the worst flooding conditions the area has seen in decades. Hopefully, with the funds received from Minot Rising, the inhabitants there will be able to recover from this devastation.

via Fergie Helps Husband’s Flooded Hometown With Black Eyed Peas Benefit Show - PopCrush.