UPDATE - An armed man who held four firefighters hostage for hours yesterday (April 10th)  was killed when SWAT members stormed the house. The gunman reportedly had been having financial problems, and demanded as he held the men that his cable and power be turned back on. The hostages were fine, other than suffering cuts and bruises from explosions set off by the SWAT team to distract the gunman before they moved in.

A gunman is holding 4 firefighters hostage in a suburb outside of Atlanta.  The firefighters were answering a call that came in around 3:40 this afternoon.  Police are not releasing much information as of yet, but it is their mission "to get the firefighters home safe."  Officials do confirm that the SWAT team is at the scene, and that they have made contact with the gunman.  We will keep you up to date as more information gets released.