A sure sign San Francisco isn't just full of uppity, app-starting tech boomers? When Fuller House returns to Netflix for its third season this September, the Tanner family will have lived in one of the city's famous painted ladies for THIRTY YEARS (and change). Yup, there's officially an anniversary looming.

According to Entertainment Weeklythe streaming series will premiere on September 22, exactly three decades after the premiere of origin series Full House on ABC. The show's very first episode, written by show creator Jeff Franklin, drew nearly 22 million viewers and was the most-watched episode of the season.

So what else can you expect from Season 3? Well, it will be divided into two parts, with nine episodes premiering in September and an additional nine dropping in December.

Fuller House Season 2 had a heavy holiday hand, and included Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's episodes. It also dived further into DJ's love triangle (though without fan-satisfying conclusion) and Stephanie's quest to find a relationship of her own.

And, of course, there was that famous NKOTB episode, which delighted longtime fans.

Fuller House Quotes That Will Make Your Day:

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