Since the start of the pandemic, the border between the US and Canada has been closed to anyone trying to cross over, with the exception of those crossing for essential purposes. A few months back, they began requiring negative COVID tests for US tourists to enter Canada. And now, it looks like enough progress has been made that Canada is ready to open up its border once again... for the fully vaccinated, at least.

Starting on August 9th, fully vaccinated US citizens will finally be able to enter Canada without quarantining for two weeks  - and they plan to do the same for other countries looking to enter starting on September 7th.

Lots of people in Montana love to take a drive up to Canada and spend some time there - it's only about a seven hour ride from Missoula to Calgary, after all. It's a pretty cool thing to be able to reach another country in the course of a day, but we haven't been able to do it in a long while. Now, we're getting back to normal.

Kids under 12 (who can't yet get the vaccine) will be exempt from quarantine rules as well, as long as their parents are following public health measures.

Will you be planning any kind of trip to Canada in the near future now that the border is finally reopening? Will your craving for poutine finally be satisfied?

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