On tonight's episode of 'Glee,' the New Directions pay homage to the Piano Man himself: Billy Joel.

Sue (Jane Lynch) is holding the first ever McKinley High Career Fair, which disturbs Mr. Schuester (Matthew Morrison) because the arts are not represented.

In order to rectify this, he tells the Glee Club to learn more about Billy Joel, who struggled throughout his career to become a successful musician. As he explains to the kids, getting a career in the arts isn't easy, there's no job security and the odds of making it are low, but you know, Billy Joel did OK.

Kicking things off song-wise are Blaine (Darren Criss) and Sam (Chord Overstreet) who are heading to New York for the time being -- Blaine to audition at NYADA and Sam to look at Hunter College and try to get a coveted "Male Stripper Grant." We guess that's a thing? They perform 'Movin' Out' while taking a journey to the Big Apple.

Artie (Kevin McHale) is busy trying to convince Becky (Lauren Potter) -- who never wants to leave high school -- to go to college, yet another thing Sue has a problem with, and she quickly steps in.

At the same time, Jake (Jacob Artist) is desperately trying to get Marley (Melissa Benoist) to forgive him for cheating on her.

In New York, Kurt (Chris Colfer) convinces Blaine (who has been looking at safety schools just in case) to practice for his NYADA audition by singing 'Piano Man.'

Things get tense between Ryder (Blake Jenner) and Jake because of the whole cheating fiasco, and a pissed off Jake takes out his anger by performing 'My Life' while Marley and Ryder glare daggers at him -- all while Jake spins around the hallways of the school having eye-sex with random girls.

It's OK, though, because as her mom (Trisha Rae Stahl) tells Marley, it's better to wait to lose your virginity to someone innocent that you can trust.

Sam bombs his college interview with some casual racism and talks to Rachel (Lea Michele), admitting that he wants to become a male model and has no desire to go to college. To help him out with his dream, Rachel says they're going to have a photo shoot in the apartment for him.

Continuing the theme of helping people achieve their dreams, Artie sings Joel's 'Honesty' to Becky in an attempt to get her to admit what she truly wants. She eventually says she's worried she will be made fun of in college, and when Artie promises to be there for her no matter what, they hug it out.

This doesn't go over well with Sue, who once again threatens Artie for putting ideas in Becky's head. Sue says that Becky isn't ready to go to school, but Artie argues that she is more than prepared and that he's even going to take her on a day trip to visit a nearby campus. A touched Sue allows it.

Ryder asks Marley out, but she's unsure until he performs 'Innocent Man,' echoing Marley's mom's sentiments about finding herself someone more innocent than bad boy Jake. At the end of the song her asks her out again -- to the discomfort of everyone -- and Marley says yes.

Back in New York, Blaine drops a bomb on Kurt and says he doesn't want to audition at NYADA. They have a heart to heart and Kurt convinces Blaine not to skip the audition just because he's scared.

Tyra Banks makes her triumphant cameo as the head of a modeling agency and breaks down the world of modeling for Sam (who now has plenty of shirtless photos of himself), explaining how difficult it is to break into the business. She then tells him to lose ten pounds.

Kurt, Blaine and Rachel think this a terrible idea, so to teach Sam a valuable lesson they sing 'Just the Way You Are' with a reluctant Santana (Naya Rivera) joining in.

Becky and Sue have a heart to heart, and Becky admits that she had a lot of fun at college and can't wait to apply. Sue is sad to see her student go but is overjoyed that she will be bettering herself and spreading her metaphorical wings.

Apparently, Marley and Ryder's date went well, at least in Ryder's eyes, but Marley has to break it to him that one date does not a relationship make while Jake continues to hit on other girls in Marley's presence.

Sue buries the hatchet with Will by putting up a performing arts table at the career fair, at which point Blaine arrives to say he crushed his NYADA audition, and Sam tells Mr. S Billy Joel didn't go to college and neither is he. Becky makes a comment that they're all crazy, which of course prompts everyone in the hallway to burst into a rendition of 'You May Be Right.'

Tune in next week when 'Glee' once again ignores the fact that it's Thanksgiving and airs an episode chock-full of puppets. No, really, it's wall to wall puppets.