Montana Governor Steve Bullock addressed the increasing number of COVID-19 cases the state has seen in the past couple of weeks in a post on Twitter on Wednesday, saying we all have to commit to doing more to slow the spread over the coming months.

Bullock pointed out that Montana has the lowest number of  positive cases, the lowest number of hospitalizations, and the lowest deaths per capita in the lower 48.

We don’t want to take any steps backward after how far we have come in successfully maintaining the lowest number of cases in the nation. It is only if we all work together that we can keep Montana healthy – physically, mentally, and economically.


Bullock recommended that in addition to social distancing, washing hands, and disinfecting, Montanans should make mask wearing a norm in the state in places where social distancing isn't feasible. Studies show that widespread mask wearing can significantly reduce the spread of coronavirus.

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