There are some close calls and then there are some narrow escapes. This might be both, mixed in with being extremely lucky and/or blessed.

A 27-year old Russian man avoided certain death at the last possible second when a concrete slab fell off a nearby building while he was clearing snow of his vehicle on November 19th, 2020. Although he survived, his Nissan X-Trail wasn't so lucky.

The gentleman, who according to, name is Alexander, looks up a moment before a brick connects with the front of his car. He notices a much larger object falling and hastily gets out of the way.

The video below was posted to Russian Construction Facebook group, 101 Group, and shows a few more seconds of footage from the another angle after the incident. There's no doubt the vehicle is totaled. The translated caption reads:

It's just not worth saving on builders!
It's good that @ 22gramm managed to dodge.
# 101group #high-qualityrepair #finishapartmentvladivostok #automobile clutter

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