I had an amazing day last Friday when I said "Yes To The Dress"!  My wedding dress searching had begun a week ago, when my mom, two aunts, my best friend and I went for the day trying to find the magical dress.  I think I tried on over 20 that day and left without a clue of which one I wanted.  I did however narrow it down to 4 dresses that I loved.

This past Friday my future Mother-in-law was in town so we went back to try on my favorite three.  In the week between the shopping days I had crossed one off the list.  All 3 were at After 5 and Weddings.  Just a note, if you're looking for your gown you HAVE to go to After 5.  Their service and selection are amazing, and they are so kind, wonderful and patient as you go through the process.  We got to After 5 and Megan had mentioned they had gotten some new beautiful gowns in.  I tried them on and realized I had it narrowed down to 2 finalists.  Both were part of the 4 I had originally picked out.  When I put on the dress that I eventually picked - I knew it was the right one.  I felt beautiful, I felt like I could dance in it, I could picture it in the church where we are getting married at, and I also felt like I could eat ice cream for the time until the wedding and I'd still fit in it! Megan asked me "Erin, is this your dress" and ecstatically I said "Yes To The Dress"!  I wanted to wear it home!  :)

I can't wait to wear the dress again, and see what my fiance thinks of it.  Oh and by the way, this photo pictured is NOT the dress. This dress is at After 5 And Weddings, is BRAND NEW, and available for some lucky lady to wear. Don't worry, I won't blow it and show everyone.

What's your "Say Yes To The Dress" experience?