Let me introduce you to this little man - this is Connor, my cousin Codys son.  Connor is such a smiley baby, with the most beautiful big eyes. This past weekend I became his Godmother!

I am an only child, and my cousin and I grew up very close on our family farm.  I have looked up to him my entire life.  This man has taught me the finer points in life - how to light of fireworks, rope pigs, chase chickens, build treehouses - how to execute a full nelson (he was a wrestler), shoot guns, ride horses..the list goes on and on and on.  This past weekend out of the blue he asked me one of the best questions I have ever been asked - will you be Connor's Godmother!  OF COURSE I WILL!  It took me everything I had not to tear up as I sat at the table.  I have no siblings and no kiddos of my own, so this is a huge deal to me!

I stood up at the church proud and happy as he was baptized.  I cannot wait to watch him grow up. LOVE YOU CONNOR!