Montana is filled with lots of fantastic places to eat. Whether it's upscale or just a little hole in the wall, you will find some excellent dining options here in The Treasure State.

From popular chain restaurants to little mom-and-pop diners, Montana has it all. Not to mention every cuisine you could think of, from Middle Eastern dishes to stick-to-your-ribs bar-b-q.

Of course, some of those restaurants are new to the scene, while others have been serving locals and tourists for decades. If you're looking for good grub, you'll find it here in Montana. However, the question has been asked, what restaurant in Montana is the oldest?

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It seems there is a little debate surrounding that. While some folks will tell you it's The Old Saloon in Emigrant, most Montanans agree that the oldest restaurant in the state is located in Butte.

Before we tell you which restaurant is Montana's oldest, let's take a look at those Old School Montana Diners.

The Best "Old School" Diners In Montana

For those who love a walk down memory lane, Montana has more than a couple of "Old School" diners that have been serving locals and visitors across The Treasure State for decades. We take a look at the very best.

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Which Montana restaurant is the oldest in the state?

Located at 117 S Main in historic Uptown Butte, The Pekin Noodle Parlor is not only the oldest restaurant in Montana but the oldest operating Chinese restaurant in America. While the restaurant is said to have opened in 1909, many say the family served food long before that.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

The Pekin has been featured on numerous television shows and continues to be a favorite among locals and those visiting the area. And while Butte is famous for more than this iconic place, (Porkchop Sandwich anyone?) The fact is, a meal at The Pekin Noodle Parlor is a Montana rite of passage.

So the next time you're in Butte or if you're planning a road trip, you might just want to put The Pekin down on your list. I mean, not only is it a national treasure, but they serve up some pretty delicious dishes.

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