You want a pet. BUT you don't want to deal with the fur, the muddy paws, the constant walks, finding a pet sitter, and the waking up in the middle of the night to go potty. I get it. It can be a lot if you are not fully ready for the commitment.

Luckily for you, Stafford Animal Shelter has THE BEST girl, or should I say, lady, waiting to join your household.

You don't have to rush home at lunch to let her out. She doesn't make hardly any noise and I can guarantee she won't need you to take her to the park to run off her energy in the middle of winter.

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Meet Mrs. Turtle.

Canva, Stafford Animal Shelter
Canva, Stafford Animal Shelter

This yellow bellied slider is wiser than the average bear...and much smaller. She is 10 years old and knows exactly what she wants, so no game playing here, unless it's a puzzle.

Mrs. Turtle is brilliant and a bit of a show off as well. When she isn't soaking up the sunshine, she likes to get in her cardio by showing off her swimming skills.

Stafford Animal Shelter
Stafford Animal Shelter

If your kiddo has been begging for a pet, you should definitely considering introducing them to Mrs. Turtle. They can learn responsibility with the wisest turtle around, Mrs. Turtle!

If you want to check out more pictures and videos of Mrs. Turtle, head over to the Stafford Animal Shelter or check her out on their Website.


Don't let Mrs. Turtle keep doing puzzles alone, take her home today.

cc: Stafford Animal Shelter

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