If you played this game, you know how deep and vast it could be on a TV show.

We have seen some incredible television shows on cable and streaming services. Shows like Stranger Things, Reacher, and more have brought people together to watch programs with fantastic stories and high-quality productions.

Most shows are created based on books, real-life stories, or new ideas. Studios are looking for any material to turn into TV programs to gain an audience and bring in money.

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One type of material that studios have been digging into is video games. Video games have deep stories with insightful characters and visually stunning worlds.

Photo by Glenn Carstens via Unsplash
Photo by Glenn Carstens via Unsplash

Two shows based on video games that have seen success are Netflix's ArcaneHBO's The Last of Us, and Amazon's Fallout.

Sure, most studios have turned video games into movies, but that has been hit or miss. TV shows can dive deep into characters and the world around them. Video game stories are set up as long stories that players put hours into playing, and a TV show is the perfect format.

There is one video game set in Montana with the potential to be a thrilling TV show.

That game is Far Cry 5.

Far Cry 5 is a game set in southwest Montana and deals with a deputy trying to fight against a massive cult that has taken over the region. The game is beautiful, terrifying, and has a story that will hook anyone.

Plus, you can have a bear companion named Cheeseburger. Who wouldn't want to see that in a television show?

The story of Far Cry 5 could easily last for a few exciting seasons and could be a nice change of pace from the current shows set in Montana.

Photo by Igor Karimov via Unsplash
Photo by Igor Karimov via Unsplash

We would need a studio like HBO, Netflix, or Amazon to create this show to give the show a chance of success because of the story.

Would you want to see Far Cry 5 turn into a TV show? We do.

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