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RIP Jason Derulo's Front Teeth... Maybe

Jason Derulo seemingly chipped his two front teeth nearly completely off with two things that do not belong together: corn on the cob and a power drill. The R&B-pop artist was attempting a "life hack" on TikTok where people put corn on a power drill and turn it on to eat the corn faster, resulting in a dental catastrophe... though it's possible the "hack" was actually just a prank. Watch below:

Tristan Thompson Wants To Take Kimberly Alexander to Court 

Tristan Thompson has filed a lawsuit against Kimberly Alexander, the woman who claimed Thompson is the father of her four-year-old son. Thompson had a feeling that he was not the father, but was willing to take a paternity test back in January. The test results came back negative, but Alexander has continued to declare Thompson is the father of her child. She has also sworn that Thompson is a neglectful father and ignores the child's financial needs. Thompson has said Alexander just wants to be famous and be in the spotlight, and is now asking for there to be a trial by jury. (via Cosmopolitan)

Car Accident Decline Results in Lack of Organs for Transplant

There are very few things that people can view as positive during the coronavirus pandemic, but one may be that there have been fewer car crashes. However, as a result, there are now longer waits for organ donations and transplants. Since the coronavirus began in the U.S., deaths in car accidents have been declining fast. During the first three weeks of the stay-at-home order in California, car accidents decreased by 50%. Death by drowning has also decreased by 80% since stay-at-home orders began. People are also no longer visiting emergency rooms because they are too afraid of possibly coming into contact with COVID-19. (via TMZ)

Could a Cocktail Help Your Body Become Immune to the Coronavirus?

Scientists are developing something they have named the “Antibody Cocktail." Antibodies are the reason infections are healed and the human body recovers. People who have recuperated from COVID-19 are being studied to see what works and what will fend off the virus. Regeneron, a pharmaceutical company, is working on the antibody cocktail alongside a drug company. This theoretical cocktail would make your body immune to COVID-19 for a maximum of two months. (via Huffington Post)

The New Way of Eating at Restaurants: Bumper Car Tables?

Business owners' imaginations are growing as many plan to reopen during the coronavirus pandemic. One of the most creative ideas? The wheeled bumper table! The Fish Tales Bar and Grill, located in Ocean City, Maryland, posted a video on Facebook showing how their new tables enforce social distancing. The tables are limited to one person at a time and have wheels that allow the customer to move around the outside area with other customers. (via UPI)

Essential Worker Hit by Grubhub Driver for Enforcing Social Distancing

A Chicago Grubhub driver has been accused of hitting a local restaurant worker with his car after not complying to social distancing precautions. 30-year-old Aamir Mohammed had an altercation with Angenita Tanner, the owner of Ms. T’s Southern Fried Chicken when Mohammed arrived at the restaurant to pick up a delivery for a customer, but was asked to wait outside the store due to their one person inside the store policy. Mohammed did not agree and stormed out of the restaurant, which reportedly led to an argument between Tanner and Mohammed outside of the store. Tanner’s daughter Bijan followed the two outside to see if they could record Mohammed’s license plate, but Mohammed allegedly ran over Bijan, who was sent to the hospital with major injuries. (via TMZ)

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