It's ancient history at this point, but we all remember that Joe Jonas dumped Taylor Swift in 2008, before she was a huge superstar and while the Jonas Brothers were at the apex of their fame. The tables have turned, and now Swift is the biggest artist in pop music, far surpassing the Jo Bros' fame. While we'd like to think that Joe Jo might wish he could get those 27 seconds in which he broke up with Swift back and thus alter the course of their lives, he sorta dissed T. Swizzle … again.

Jonas, who broke up with Swift in a phone call that she has said lasted less than a half-minute, was asked by Joan Rivers if it was he who dumped Swift, ending their romance.

His reply? "I think it’s me and a few others, but yeah."

So Jonas doesn't want to be looked at as the only man who dumped Taylor Swift. He doesn't want anyone thinking that he inspired all those breakup songs.

Perhaps Joe Jo and fellow boy bander Harry Styles can get together and do a song about their Swift exploits or "Swiftploits."

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