Today (May 2), the celebrities mingled a bit and diagnosed a Twitter hack. And one in particular weirded us out.

First up, billionaire Warren Buffett finally joined the micro-blogging site and sent his first tweet, referring to himself in the third person. Because he's rich and can do that.


Friend and fellow billionaire Bill Gates welcomed him to the site and challenged him to a game of bridge like a filthy rich old woman.


Meanwhile, two other famous faces were getting acquainted. Jeff Daniels and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who both appear on HBO shows, had a lovely exchange full of compliments.


While that was happening, Ron Perlman got a spam message from a fan linking to a blog called 'The Accidental Dong,' so he kindly let her know she'd been hacked.


Finally, Gary Busey, fresh off his 'Celebrity Apprentice' firing, was still completely unintelligible. And creepy.