One of Justin Bieber's partying cohorts is talking openly about the 'All Around the World' singer's drug use and the wild house parties that go down at his Calabasas mansion, but he's not painting Justin in a totally negative light.

King Kevi, a friend of Bieber's, told RadarOnline, "Everyone on Twitter says that Justin has posted pictures of sizzurp and then deleted them, but I have never seen him do it. I’ve only ever seen him smoke weed." Now, before you Beliebers get up in arms, marijuana is decriminalized in the state of California, though it's not been determined whether Biebs toked up outside of Cali.

It sounds to us like Kevi was a bit of a bad influence -- something he takes full credit for. He said, "I was the ringleader for getting it for everybody, because I had the hookup."

Kevi said he and Bieber started to throw big parties in his mansion. He elaborated, "Justin gave us the OK to throw the parties as long as we had everyone sign NDAs [non-disclosure agreements]. That took it to a whole other level. I’m bringing like 60, 70 girls. Justin started liking that." Could this be what drove Justin and Selena apart originally? Well, it could be that Kevi had something to do with that. When asked whether he and Gomez got together after the two broke up he said, "I’m not gonna comment on that."

We have to take all this information with a grain of salt because Kevi talked to RadarOnline from a rehab facility in Malibu, Calif. where he's doing a 30-day stint for codeine abuse, or as it's more commonly known -- sizzurp. However, through thick and thin, he says his buddy Bieber has stuck by him. Kevi explained, "I talk to him everyday. He actually sent me some new headphones. He sent me a necklace too that’s dope with diamonds and gold on it." Yeah, probably not a great gift for someone in drug treatment, but who are we to judge.

Kevi says he and Bieber are still friends, but it sounds like Justin's management isn't too stoked on the pop star's continued involvement with him. Bieber's friend elaborated, "He’s not really supposed to be seen with me now, I guess. But we’re cool."

Justin Bieber, however, tweeted about it later today, basically stating that he has never met King Kevi before. The Biebs then deleted the tweet minutes later. Lucky for us, we have a screenshot of it:


UPDATE: Justin Bieber's camp talked to and said that Bieber has “never met him before,” and “doesn’t know who he is.”