Justin Bieber performed a medley of ‘Boyfriend’ and ‘As Long as You Love Me’ in a futuristic space suit-inspired outfit at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards tonight (July 22), which was also his girlfriend Selena Gomez‘s birthday! We were expecting him to throw a bday shout out to his lady love from the stage, but alas, we (and she) didn’t get it. Ah, that’s okay, though, since Sel, who turned 20, gets alone time with him, which is probably better than any public declaration.

The Biebs was shimmering in shiny, reflective pants that looked like they were made of aluminum foil. He also had his left arm wrapped in that silver, foil-like fabric too. His outfit looked like it could conduct electricity. No joke.

He kicked off the perf with the opening verse of ‘Boyfriend’ but the rest of his show centered on ‘As Long as You Love Me,’ since that’s his current single and he’s gotta promote it as often as possible.

The killer choreography and styling felt like the kind of dancing one might see on a spaceship or in another galaxy. Big Sean hit the stage for his part of the Biebs’ new single, giving it that extra swag, swag, swag. And trust us. It was already swag (cubed) to begin with!

Once again, Biebs turned in another brilliantly choreographed five minutes of singing and dancing that had Beliebers shrieking until their throats were raw.

The camera did cut to Sel at the end of the perf and she heartily cheered her boyfriend on. Aw!

Post-performance, Biebs was presented with his surfboard trophy, as he won a handful of TCAs. He thanked the Beliebers, declaring, “This album has meant the world to me, I hope it was everything you guys waited for and you play it over and over. Everyone in here … Believe.”

Oh, Justin, we do. We do.

Watch Justin Bieber Perform ‘Boyfriend’ + ‘As Long As You Love Me’ at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards

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