It's shaping up to be a  busy year for Katy Perry: Between performing at the Super Bowl and allegedly feuding with Taylor Swift, the blue-eyed singer has has a lot on her plate.

But add this to her list of projects: She's now selling Left Shark items. She took to Twitter to promote a onesie that looks a lot like the shark costumes worn by her Super Bowl backup dancers.

This is especially good news for anyone who has ever wanted to look like a Katy Perry backup dancer - not only is this onesie a dead ringer for the Super Bowl costumes, it also happens to be incredibly comfortable.

The onesie will run you $129.99, but keep in mind that it can be worn while lounging around the house or can be used as a topical 2015 Halloween costume. Granted, the price tag is probably higher than the one you'd find on your average onesie, but then again, if it's good enough for the Super Bowl, it's good enough for a slight price markup.

If you don't want to fully commit to the whole look, pick up the "Katy Perry status" tee shirt, which has an image of the now-iconic shark along with the #leftshark hashtag.

Katy's online merchandise also includes standard items - think CDs, concert tees and posters - but we've got to hand it to her: The #leftshark onesies are among the most creative pieces of celebrity merchandise we've seen since Beyonce's "I Woke Up Like This" t-shirts. We think this item has the power to be one of 2015's most iconic pop culture pieces.

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