If you thought liquidation of assets, rejection from Native American ancestors and temporary stay in (gasp!) Brooklyn were enough to sap socialite Jacqueline White of her slightly-psychotic spunk, you've got another think coming, Kimmy Schmidt fans.

The Netflix series' resident insensitive socialite, played by the brilliant Jane Krakowski, spent most of the show's first season basking in the glow of her own Upper East Side perfection. After a stinging divorce, though, life as Jacqueline knew it had turned upside-down by the finale. In today's (April 15) Season 2 premiere, it's clear she's prepared to travel through hell and high water (even if it means taking public transportation) to reclaim a spot with her preferred peers: The Manhattan elite.

Season 2's very first episode finds the lost Jacqueline trying to get in touch with her roots on her Native American family's reservation. She'd previously rejected her bloodline in favor of assuming a wealthy white woman's identity, but returned after losing her riches (a storyline that's drawn some accusations of ethnic insensitivity).

Upon accidentally burning down a pair of silos, though, Jacqueline quickly realizes New York is sincerely more her speed, and flees back to the Big Apple in Episode 2, ready to stretch her paltry $12 million settlement as far as it can go. And while her journey sometimes seems inexplicable, the character proves she's still got a way with words...a bizarre, often nonsensical one, but a way, nonetheless.

Check out 10 perfectly random one-liners from Jacqueline's Season 2 return above for proof she's still Kimmy Schmidt's rusty-tongued orator, and watch the new episodes here.

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