Forget the meat dress and or roach hat. Fashion queen Lady Gaga looked like a demonic horned ram while onstage in Sydney on June 19. The Mother Monster, known for outlandish, outrageous, out there and out of this world stage attire, wore an odd hybrid of a headpiece and a face mask, paired with a short, geometric white dress, while performing for little monsters down under.

The dress, with its poufy, cut out sleeves and rounded skirt, has a couture look. But that headpiece is sorta creepy. Gaga is known for being a warm and loving Mother Monster, opening her arms to all of her fans. But once she puts this particular costume piece on, all bets are off. It’s intimidating , probably because you can’t see her eyes, which often express warmth, light and empathy. The horns protruding through the top make Gaga look like she is about to charge. Look out!

Knowing Gaga, there is probably some deeper philosophical reason behind this particular fashion choice. She’s an Aries, since her birthday is March 28, and that astrological sign is represented by the ram, so it’s entirely plausible that her mask is a reference to her ram-like, Aries qualities.

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