It was back to work for 'Glee' star Lea Michele, even though the death of her boyfriend and co-star Cory Monteith is still an incredibly fresh wound.

The singer and actress, who has been seen wearing a necklace with Monteith's name, returned to the studio on Monday (Aug. 5), just three weeks after Monteith died of a drug and alcohol overdose.

Proceeds of the sales of music from the Monteith episode will go towards a fund in the late star's name, according to PEOPLE.

Lea also tweeted her first photo back on set.

Meanwhile, with 'Glee' beginning production on Season 5, a source said that things were emotional, which is to be expected. "Today was first day back. Last week was rehearsals but today was first official day of production on new season," an insider said. "Everything went as well as it could have. Very emotional but everyone is starting to move forward. Getting back on track."

Another source declared, "It was business as usual."

Cast member Chris Colfer previously stated that returning would be hard, simply because the cast and crew are such a family and have never dealt with something as painful as this.

"I know we've always come together - always - in the past, because we are such a family in the cast and the crew," the actor, who plays Kurt, said. "I'm assuming things will be very different, and I'm sure they'll be difficult at first. But…. We'll see. I think I'm positive."

Darren Criss, who plays Blaine, also tweeted a photo from the set and noted the return to work.