While there is much sadness and sorrow that comes with the death of Broadwater County Deputy Mason Moore, there is also something very heartwarming about how people throughout the Bozeman area are showing their appreciation and support for Montana Law Enforcement.

While today people are taking part in Operation Blue Light by picking up free blue light bulbs throughout Montana to shine outside their homes tonight, yesterday people lined the streets and overpasses, and some even made signs, to honor Deputy Moore as his procession passed them on the streets of Belgrade, Manhattan, and Three Forks.

Last night, some of the out-of-town officers who are here for Deputy Moore's funeral were having dinner at the Oasis in Manhattan. They received quite a surprise when they were getting ready to leave. Here is what was written on their check:


Dinner tonight is a gift from my family and me. May the Almighty watch over you. Thank you for all that you do to serve. "

photo courtesy of the Rosebud County Sheriff's Office
photo courtesy of the Rosebud County Sheriff's Office










We have received some very grateful emails and messages from law enforcement regarding the support you are showing them. Please know that your effort is appreciated, XL Nation!

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