Ok, so we’re being a little dramatic when we say Max Greenfield “saved” Fox’s ‘New Girl,’ but let’s face it, the show is much better since he went shirtless. Yeah, his Schmidt character is kind of a d-bag, but he also has some heart… and a great body!

“It’s like you’re terrified, and then you go at it 100 percent and you come out of the other end like, ‘Oh, that was fun!,’” he told E! News about showing his abs to the camera. Greenfield didn’t think his character was good enough to become a sensation, and he even thought at one point that he “may never work again.” After tons of episodes and a hilarious HelloGiggles dating profile, however, it looks like he’ll be staying in the spotlight for a while.

Wanna get with a guy like Schmidt? Well, that’s easy. Just read Greenfield’s Twitter on what this guy is looking for, like:

#SchmidtTip #23 If she doesn’t have an iTunes playlist entitled “Party Jamz” shes never gonna be the woman you want her to be.