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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry To Make $1 Million Per Speech

The formerly royal couple have signed with a speaking agency, Harry Walker Agency, and are now expected to make about $1 million per speech. Topics of expertise include worldly social issues including racial justice, gender equality, mental health, feminism and the environment. The firm's clients include former president Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Bill Clinton and Oprah Winfrey. (via Cosmopolitan)

50% of High School Graduates Changed College Plans

A survey of 1,000 high school graduates conducted by Junior Achievement and the PMI Educational Foundation found that half of high school graduates' plans have changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The survey discovered that a third will delay their college start date and a third will now not go to college at all. Of those planning to go to college, 40% are worried about how they will pay for college and 58% are worried about the quality of education. (via WPST)

Mosquitoes More Attracted to Stressed People

Studies have shown that mosquitoes could be drawn to hormones that are sweated out when you are stressed. Mosquitoes tend to attack you more if you are stressed. Some ways to prevent mosquito attacks include showering and wearing dark colors, as well as drinking less alcohol. (via WPST)

You Can Purchase Unclaimed Luggage Online

A huge store in Alabama resells people's unclaimed luggage—and it's actually legal. According to Travel and Leisure, there is a 90 day period during which passengers can claim their missing luggage. After that time, the Unclaimed Baggage store buys those bags and resells the contents to the public. (via Travel and Leisure)

GoFundMe Reaches $21,000 in Tips for Starbucks Barista

After refusing to serve a customer without a mask, a GoFundMe page was started for Lein Guiterrez, a Starbucks employee. The initial goal was to raise $1,000, but only hoped to get around $250. However, the fundraiser has reached over $21,000 as of Thursday. (via 10 News)

Tiger King Star Releases Tiger-Tracking Virtual Reality Game

Carole Baskin of Tiger King fame has released a virtual reality game to track wild tigers. The game is free and aims to educate people on why breeding tigers is contributing to their extinction. (via The Wrap)

Halsey Drops New Music Video During Quarantine 

Halsey has dropped a new music video for her collaboration with Marshmello, "Be Kind." She recorded the whole thing while in quarantine. Watch below:

Sanda Oh Tried To Play Olivia Pope on Scandal

Sandra Oh says that while filming Grey's Anatomy, she was offered a script from Scandal. She wanted to play Oliva Pope and even tried to convince Shonda Rhimes to let her. (via Cosmopolitan)

Kate Middleton Has Been Commenting on Random People's Instagram Photos

Kate Middleton has been commenting on random people's Instagram photos, signing her messages "C." She has been overseeing a photography project called Hold Still and has been looking through photos that are taking part in the campaign. (via Cosmopolitan)

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