Miley has been quite the bad girl in the recent months. Or that's how the paparazzi have have made her seem. They have even managed to snap a shot of her 5th tattoo. You might be thinking "FIFTH tattoo?" but it's got a surprisingly good story behind it.

Teenage girls recently voted her their worst role model.

And Miley Cyrus has certainly been living up to the title, between being caught on video smoking a bong, very adult acts of passion with her boyfriend in nightclubs and underage drinking.

The once-squeaky clean star has been working overtime to shed her famous Hannah Montana image, and has just acquired another tattoo to add to her large collection of body art and piercings.

The 18-year-old seemed keen to show off her new ink while out and about in Hollywood, wearing a T-shirt with a conspicuous hole in the side that was conveniently placed over the tattoo.

Miley has another etching on the opposite side of her rib cage that says 'Just breathe.'

The tattoo, which Miley had done in December 2009, is understood to be in tribute to a nine-year-old girl called Vanessa who passed away from cystic fibrosis in 2007.

Cyrus met Vanessa at a Los Angeles hospital and instantly connected with her, describing her as one of her best friends.