According to a PBR press release, For the second time in just two weeks, Montana bullrider Jess Lockwood scored the top ride of the 2019 season. Lockwood achieved both of the top scores riding Heartbreak Kid.

On Saturday night during the championship round of the Cooper Tires Take the Money and Ride event in Nampa, Idaho, Lockwood scored a whopping 94 points. A week prior in North Carolina, Lockwood ended Heartbreak Kid's streak of 38 consecutive buck offs for 93.75 points.

“I have never felt so good,”

Lockwood said in the PBR press release.

“I am 10-foot tall and bulletproof right now. Going into the Finals last event. I don’t know if I can feel any better. I think everyone is going to start calling me crazy because I am going to start going into the championship rounds and choosing that bull because he is my bull.”

Watch Jess Lockwood's 94 point ride below:

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