Sometimes, parents just need a break and a chance to cut loose. Typically, parents get grandparents, friends, or a babysitter to watch their kids while going out. This makes sense when the kids are young, but at what age can you leave your kids unattended at home in Montana? The answer is surprising. 

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Some folks are understandably wary about leaving their kids alone at home, but it has to happen at some point. Most states have requirements for how old kids have to be before they can be left at home by themselves. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, surprisingly, there isn't a set age at which kids are allowed to be left home alone in Montana. 

Photo by Keren Fedida via Unsplash
Photo by Keren Fedida via Unsplash

That means you could technically leave your kids at home alone at any age, but we highly advise against that. Montana's DPHHS recommends you review your child's maturity and measure to see if they are responsible enough to care for themselves. 

Plus, they ask that you consider other factors, including if the area where you live is safe, if friends or family live nearby, and how long you plan to leave your child alone. These are all great questions if you are considering leaving your child alone at home for the first time. 

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Leaving kids by themselves at home is a big deal, and it's honestly surprising that Montana doesn't have an age requirement, though every child's development happens at a different rate. I remember my parents got my siblings and I a babysitter until we were around 10 or 11, which was a good call. My brother and sister were troublemakers, while I was an angel, of course. 

So, if your child is getting older and you are thinking about leaving them at home alone for the first time, check out Montana's DPHHS guidelines. Do you think Montana should have a minimum age requirement for leaving children home alone?

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