True story. A Helena man told the Lewis & Clark County Sheriff's Office he was shot at by an individual, who when confronted about the shooting, said he thought he was shooting at Bigfoot. Really?

Apparently the shooter was out looking for Bigfoot on BLM land outside Helena when he came across the other man and begin firing. Thankfully his target was not hit.

I have so many questions:

1 - How hairy was this guy that someone mistook him for Bigfoot?

2 - In this age of cell phones and cameras everywhere, how is it that we do not have a clear picture of Bigfoot? Or UFOs for that matter.

3 - How much alcohol had the shooter consumed prior to his Bigfoot mistaken identity?

After telling the Lewis & Clark County Sheriff's Office about the incident, the shooter was not able to be found. Just like Bigfoot.

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