According to the Hill County Health Department in Havre, Montana, there have been nine cases of laboratory confirmed Colorado Tick Fever Virus reported so far this year in the state.

With warmer weather, ticks are out in full force. Make sure you check yourself and your pets for tickets after spending time outdoors.

On average, 0-1 cases of Colorado Tick Fever Virus are reported in Montana annually. CTF virus is spread to people through bites of infected ticks.

The most common symptoms are fever, chills, headache, body aches, and feeling tired. Some patients will have sore throat, vomiting, abdominal pain, skin rash, or stiff neck.

Nearly half of all people infected with the virus have several days of fever followed by several days of improvement, then a second short period of fever and illness. CTF virus is transmitted by the bite of an infected Rocky Mountain wood tick.

Tick borne illnesses are typically reported during the spring and summer months here in Montana. There is no vaccine to prevent CTF virus. The best way to prevent CTF virus is to reduce your risk of tick bites.

Here are some ways you can prevent tick bites:

    • Use insect repellent
    • Wear long sleeves shirts and pants
    • Avoid heavily wooded and bushy areas with high grass
    • Perform thorough tick checks on yourself and pets after spending time outdoors

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