A Montana State University fraternity is suspended as the university investigates an alleged assault and drugging at a housing complex near the university.

MSU issued an alert on its Facebook page today, warning students to use “great caution” if attending parties in the Hawk’s Ridge condominium complex southwest of campus.

“The area, commonly known as “The Block” to students, has been the site of numerous parties since the start of school and the university is currently investigating the alleged drugging of drinks, a physical assault in which two men were struck in the head and required medical attention, and underage drinking associated with those parties,” the alert states.

The school also added that, as part of its investigation, the university has placed the Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) fraternity on an interim suspension.

“While the SAE fraternity house is not in the Hawk’s Ridge condominium complex, several fraternity members are allegedly the hosts of some of the parties in the area. Staff at SAE’s national office are working closely with the university on this investigation,” the alert states.

MSU Police remind people to never take an open drink from someone you do not know. Keep your drink in your possession at all times and do not go to parties alone.
The MSU Police Department offers crime prevention presentations and provides escorts who are available on campus 24 hours a day for any student, faculty, staff or visitor.


The MSU Police can be reached at (406) 994-2121. Advocates from the VOICE Center can be reached at (406) 994-7069. Anonymous reports can be made to the MSU Police Department at switness@montana.edu and at the VOICE Center.