This could be a genius way of uniting the city and its residents, and we think it could bring a lot of joy to the cold winter months.

Snowplows are out in full force, and you can track them through the City of Bozeman's Winter Dashboard, which shows the snowplow routes and how many miles they travel. As I'm sure you've noticed, they have been putting in some serious work the past few days. 

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Snowplows are an important part of keeping our streets drive-able during the winter. It's important to respect them on the road; they're just trying to do their job, and there's no need to create a traffic hazard trying to get around them as quickly as possible. 

BanksPhotos/Getty Images
BanksPhotos/Getty Images

Many people are quick to get annoyed with snowplows; they slow traffic, can build up snow in inconvenient places like driveways, and don't always plow in a timely manner. Regardless, they've got a lot on their plates, and they're vital. So how can we improve relations? 

In Minnesota, the Department of Transportation lets the public name the new snowplows every year, and the names they choose are, quite frankly, awesome. A few examples: Edward Blizzardhands, Betty Whiteout, and The Big Leplowski. #greenscreensticker ♬ Aces by DKJ - Danny Johnson via TikTok

So, I humbly ask the City of Bozeman and the Montana Department of Transportation to allow Montanans to name the snowplows that are working hard this winter. 

Could you imagine tracking a snowplow named Plowasaurus Rex around Bozeman? It would be hilarious, and I think locals would come up with some great names. Plus, maybe the hard working people driving those plows would get a bit of joy driving around a hilariously labeled plow, too. 

City of Bozeman, can we please name the plows? Let us have some fun this winter. 

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