This week's DVD's can satisfy any mood. Whether it's a drama based on true events that will leave you inspired, a documentary filled with scandal or a wacky comedy involving air drumming, it's all here.

Adventures of Power - Power, a mine worker, really only wants to drum and that's about it. Through a series of events at his job, Power meets a group of people whom share his same drumming ambitions. Not only that but they may have the power to change the world! Fans recommend it and critics do not.

Red Hill - Fans and critics recommend it.

Secretariat - Chronicles the winner of the 1973 winner of the Triple Crown. Was this the greatest race horse of all time? Fans and critics recommend it.

Client 9: The Rise adn Fall of Eliot Spitzer - This film documents the rise and fall of the New York Governor Eliot Spitzer. What happened to this man who won Governorship of New York by the largest margin ever? Was his fall connected to the collapse of America's economy? Fans and critics recommend it.

Like Dandelion Dust - Some tout this as being the next "Blind Side". A boy's wonderful life of living effortlessly on a Florida beach is threatened when a phone call from a stranger could tear him away from the family he has grown to love.