McDonald’s has come a long way since the fifteen-cent burger and shake. But over the years people have been gravitating to healthier eating.

However, the low price of fast food for feeding the family of four has kept them in business.

The Big Mac, Quarter Pounder, Fish Filet, and the Egg McMuffin have been the standards for many years.

While McDonald’s has been successful in recent years there has been a drop off of customers at the fast food chain.

Recently many McDonald’s locations are offering breakfast all day rather than ending that bill of fare at 10:30 AM.

McDonald’s have not introduced a new breakfast sandwich for five years. Time for a change.

Let’s Go Bigger – Triple Breakfast Stack

The new sandwich is not a new sandwich but more of a modified adjustment to the current popular Egg McMuffin.

A Triple Breakfast Stack will get you two slices of American Cheese, two sausage patties, bacon and an egg. Everything a growing boy needs.

The upgrade will be available on the McMuffin, biscuit, or McGriddles cakes. No info as yet as to price or calorie count.

I’m guessing it’s not on Jenny Craig.

Some Final Thoughts

Will this bring in more customers? More food will probably mean a little higher price than the standard McMuffin.

What do customers really want? Low price or more food per serving I guess McDonald’s is willing to roll the dice to find out.

Will you be one of the first to try the new Triple Breakfast Stack?

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