The movie shows off the majestic beauty of our great state, and it's breathtaking. 

Bleeker Street Media finally released the trailer for their new film Montana Story which comes out on Friday, May 13th, in theaters nationwide. The film stars, Haley Lu Richardson(Split, Columbus) and Owen Teague(IT, Black Mirror) and was primarily shot in the Paradise Valley near Livingston, Montana. 

The story is about two estranged siblings coming back together at their family ranch, to look after their ailing father. That logline seems like a pretty simple story, but from watching the trailer, this will be a heavy dramatic film. 

Montana Story has been going around the film festival circuits such as Sundance, Toronto International Film Festival, and many others. The movie has been receiving high praise for its acting, beautiful cinematography, and driving story. 

Some suspect that even though this movie will be coming out next month on Friday, May 13th, this film has the potential to be a dark horse at next year's Academy Awards. This kind of movie is what the Academy Awards have been loving lately, and to see a film made in Montana get nominated would be special to see.  

If there is one thing this movie will help is promote move prominent movie productions to come to Montana. Watching this trailer, you can tell the vast area, and atmosphere Montana can add to a film. The Paradise Valley in Montana is one of the most scenic areas in all of Montana. 

Either way, I will see Montana Story in theaters when it comes out on Friday, May 13th. 

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