Whoever is behind this terrible scam needs to be held accountable and brought up on charges.

No matter what time of year, someone is trying to scam the good people of the Gallatin Valley. The people who live in the area have kind hearts and want to help out any cause, and this new scam is a doozy.

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The Bozeman Police Department posted on their Facebook about a new telephone scam, and it's horrible. This telephone scam has people posing as members of the Bozeman Police Department raising money for the agency. Here's the post below.

Credit: Bozeman Police Department via Facebook

The Bozeman Police Department wants to assure you they will never call your phone to ask for money to help clear a warrant, fines, or a citation. Those should be instant red flags.

Bozeman Pollice reports that in 2022, the total number of money lost or attempted to be taken totaled almost $1 million. That's a wild number to read, and understand that these scammers are working hard to take your hard-earned money away.

3d Illustration depicting an illuminated neon sign with a scam concept.
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What can you do to prevent yourself from being taken advantage of? It's pretty simple.

If you are contacted by a scammer who demands to pay them via cryptocurrency, gift cards, or checks, that should be an instant red flag. If you are uncomfortable and think something is wrong, we highly recommend contacting the Bozeman Police Department and notifying them of what transpired.


So the next time you receive a call from a number you don't recognize and feel uneasy, send it to voicemail. If it's an important call, they will leave a message. Trust us.

For more details, check out the Bozeman Police Department.

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