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Nick Cannon Reportedly Expecting His Fourth Child Born in Less Than a Year

Nick Cannon's next child will reportedly be the fourth one born in less than a year. He recently had twins (named Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir) with Abby De La Rosa, while in December he welcomed a baby girl (named Powerful Queen) with Brittany Bell.

On Father's Day, model Alyssa Scott posted an Instagram story of her and Cannon as he touched her baby bump, insinuating that she is pregnant with what will be his fourth child in less than a year. Counting in his previous four-year-old child with Bell, and his twins with Mariah Carey, Cannon will now be a father to seven children with four different women. (via Just Jared)

HBO Max Throws Intern Under the Bus for Accidental Email

Last Thursday, some HBO Max subscribers received an email with the title, "integration test email #1." Jokingly, people guessed an intern had made a mistake somewhere along the line — and yeah, it was an intern!

TikTok Users Say That Iceberg Lettuce Tea Is The Key to Good Sleep

A new viral TikTok trend purports that the remedy to sleepless nights is pouring hot water over some lettuce. TikTok user and beauty influencer Shapla posted a video showing viewers her supposed success with the method. She also recommends adding some peppermint tea for taste. (via New York Post)

A Jaw-Dropping New Guinness World Record Has Been Broken

Isaac Johnson has just broken the Guinness World Record for "Biggest Open Mouth." He previously broke the record in 2019 but lost it to someone whose record was 3.75 inches wide. Two years later, Johnson has the title again. He can open his mouth a whopping 4 inches! (via WiseBrother)

Most-Avoided First Date Foods

Did you know that many Americans have an aversion to certain foods while on a first date? For instance, many prefer to stay away from messy foods until the fourth date. In a study of 3,000 U.S. adults, 24 percent of responders said that pizza is a safe choic, while 17 percent said that sushi is a no-go. (via People)

Will Smith Is Working On a Memoir

For the past two years, actor Will Smith has worked on his upcoming memoir. In a video announcement, he told fans that the book, which comes out Nov. 9, will tell readers about his childhood in West Philadelphia, as well as take us inside his TV, music and movie career. (via Hollywood Reporter)

Olivia Rodrigo Shares Her Graduation Celebration With Fans

On Sunday (June 20), "drivers license" singer Olivia Rodrigo posted a photo to Instagram wearing a cap and gown to celebrate her graduation from high school. Congrats, Olivia!

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