When Nicki Minaj hit up South Africa for a handful of tour dates she performed in Cape Town on March 22, and she invited fans onstage during her performance of "Bottom's Up," her infectious 2010 Trey Songz collaboration. She met her match in one.

As you can see in the video from two weeks ago below, the "Anaconda" rapper handed her mic over to the spirited stan, who — unexpectedly, wonderfully, incredibly — began to tear her verse and her stage to shreds.

Prowling the platform like a seasoned mega-pop star, the unnamed fan (who has either been to an excessive amount of live concerts or spends way too much time watching them on YouTube) knew exactly what to do, from grabbing his crotch and strutting to grinding up on Nicki. Ever the pro, he even paused for a little performer-audience interaction, pointing the mic towards the crowd for a sing-along.

And while it looked like she could hardly believe she was getting upstaged on her own, well, stage, Nicki playfully encouraged her surprise special guest throughout the impromptu performance... That is until his big show-stopping moment at the end where, after doing an epic twirl and falling into a split, Nicki was DONE and jokingly stormed off the stage, her hands in the air in defeat.

It's reminiscent of another viral moment from March: A fan attending Rihanna's ANTI World Tour stunned the singer when RiRi turned the mic towards the crowd. He unleashed the voice of an angel, knocking a verse from "FourFiveSeconds" out of the park (or rather, arena). Nicki knows the feeling, and we're guessing neither she nor her web-famous fan will forget this one-of-a-kind "Moment 4 Life."

Watch Nicki's own Instagram video, first posted after the show two weeks ago, below.

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