Let me just start off saying I know NOTHING about babies.  I have no siblings and I don't have any children of my own. That being said, I think this is NUTSO.

There is a new trend in New York City, referred to as "elimination communication."  This consists of a baby going through life without a diaper, and the parent watching for signs that the baby needs to go to the bathroom and attempting to get them over a toilet. The owner of Caribou Baby, a New York City eco-friendly maternity store, says

Parents choose the diaper-free method for a few different reasons including: concern for the environment, wanting to avoid cleaning cloth diapers, and saving their baby from diaper rash.

My big question is how does this work in the "real world".  Sure, if parents had nothing else to do - MAYBE.  But parents need to cook, clean, work, run errands etc. What do you think about this?

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